For those who have broadband check out these carnival videos
Starwars (2002)
Rise of the Machines (2003)
Phantom of the opera (2005)
Ghost Ship (2006) 1MB Broadband
Neptune (2007) 512k Broadband
Ghost Riders (2008) 512k Broadband
EL LOCO(Toppers CC -2009) 512k Broadband
Ramases Revenge(Ramblers CC -2009) 512k Broadband
Tusk(Griffens CC -2010) 512k Broadband
Image of North Petherton from Hills (with zoom) click link below
North Petherton
Bridgwater fair 2012 click link below
Bridgwater fair 2012
New year 2013 over Bridgwater click link below
New Year 2013