Bridgwater to Taunton Canal

The Bridgwater to Taunton Canal was opened in 1827 it ran from a basin beside the Parrett north of Huntworth, it crossed the North Petherton Parish through four locks. Cottages and stables were built around the basin, and several other cottages near Huntworth beside the canal.
In 1841 the basin was abandoned and filled in when the canal was extended into Bridgwater.

The Bristol - Exeter Railway

The Bristol to Exeter Railway between Bridgwater and Taunton entered the parish where it crossed the Parret by Somerset Bridge, it then followed the canal route. The stone bridge designed by I.K Brunel was replaced before the line was opened in 1844 by a laminated timber structure on stone abutments, in 1904 the timber structure was replaced by a steel girder structure.
The bridge gave its name to a settlement which spread between canal and river around the brickyards and later included school and chapel.